In our blog series “A wee chat with…” the SEC has a quick fire Q&A with an organiser to get an insight into their working life and their event, plus getting their views on Glasgow and the venue.

Our latest blog is slightly different, at the most recent edition of the Ideal Home Show Scotland we caught up with TV presenter and media personality, Phil Spencer, for a wee chat on all things homes and exhibitions.

Describe the Ideal Home Show…

An institution. It’s such a well-known brand, which has a huge amount of gravitas and credibility. There’s no other show like it in that, it’s a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in homes, gardens, and interiors. It’s an inspiring place and to have everything to do with the home under one roof is brilliant and a rare opportunity.

What is your ideal home?

I had always aspired to a clean and symmetrical house in a parkland setting with a lake… But I moved to a new house two years ago, and I’ve also been making a series about stately homes, both of which makes me think – do you really aspire to a big house? I now live in a converted barn. Part new, part old. It runs itself – solar power, ground source heat pumps – it’s pretty much carbon neutral. It doesn’t cost me anything…. for me that is ideal!

If you were to give advice to someone on getting their ideal home, what would it be?

Try and think for the future. Buying a home for now, for the next 18 months, is not ideal. It’s a long-term investment, so think about how your lifestyle might evolve in years to come. It is about forward thinking – making sure that the property can evolve with your needs.

Where’s the best home you’ve seen in Scotland?

One of our favourite programmes ever was the first ever ‘Relocation, Relocation’– we helped a couple from east London who bought a property in Arrochar on the edge of Loch Long, and turned it into a guest house. We didn’t know at the time, but we kept getting calls after that from people who have spent a long time looking for a house on the edge of a loch and having no luck. That was an extraordinarily lucky find. They made a big success of the guest house and I’ve been back several times.

When did you first come to Glasgow? 

I’ve been coming regularly for the last ten years. We set up our production company here eight years ago, and we had a lot of help from Scottish Enterprise. My business partners lived in Glasgow - that’s how it came about. Glasgow’s a great hub for television – there’s a lot of talent and lot of great people here. 

What do you think of the Scottish public?

Very welcoming and friendly. 

Kirsty has a show – will you ever have a show of your own?

I like taking to the stage here at the ideal home show - I doubt I’ll have my own show though, to be honest… I’m perfectly happy doing this.

Have you ever been to Kirsty’s show?

It was a joke between us that I always had something on… but now I think it’s wearing thin! She now tweets that I’m scared of going!

Can you remember your first exhibition experience?

My first ever was the Royal Tournament at Earls Court. It’s like a tattoo – I was about six. I loved it, we went every year. It’s on every other year now and I’ve subsequently taken my boys to them.


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