Can I smoke/use an e-cigarette (vaping) in the SEC?

As part of our commitment to providing a clean and smoke-free environment, we have implemented a strict no smoking or vaping policy within the SEC Armadillo and SEC Centre. For those who wish to smoke, designated smoking shelters are conveniently located outside our venues.


Please remember that if you choose to use the smoking shelters, for most ticketed events, your ticket will need to be scanned when exiting and re-entering the venue to ensure a smooth and secure experience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Can I bring a bag into the venue?

Small bags, such as handbags and small carrier/shopping bags, are permitted into the venue. However any bag over A3 size (30cm x 42cm x 19cm) will not be permitted. Please note that all bags are subject to security searching.

Can I bring a camera/video camera to the event?

In general audio and video recording equipment and professional cameras (SLR types and those with detachable lenses) are not permitted into events. However, small non-professional cameras and phone cameras may be permitted, unless otherwise specified by the event organiser. For further clarification of this policy for a specific event, please email the venue. Professional photographers should contact the individual event organiser directly for express permission to photograph their event.

Can I bring a ‘Selfie Stick’ into the venue?

‘Selfie Sticks’ are not permitted into the venue. This is a policy that applies to all venues on the SEC.

Flagpoles, Signs & Banners

Only signs/banners/flags under A3 size without poles will be permitted into the venue. This maybe be subject to change at the request of the event organiser.


Anyone with a sign/banner/flag within the venue that is deemed to be causing a nuisance may have the item confiscated and retuned at the end of the event where appropriate.

Can I bring my own food and drink into the venue?

No - food and drinks from outside the venue are generally not permitted.

Items required for medical purposes are permitted, but must be sealed and declared to stewards on entry. Bottles must be no bigger than 500ml and will be checked by stewards; any suspicious or unauthorised items may be discarded. Please note that cans are not permitted.


We're here to help with any questions related to our food and drink policy, including medical, religious, or parental requirements. If you have any queries please email us in advance of your visit;


Tap water is available for free at all food and beverage units.

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