Can I smoke/use an e-cigarette (vaping) in the SEC?

In accordance with legislation in Scotland and SEC Ltd company policy, smoking is prohibited in all internal areas of the venue.

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Can I bring a bag into the venue?

Small bags, such as handbags and small carrier/shopping bags, are permitted into the venue. However any bag over A3 size (30cm x 42cm x 19cm) will not be permitted. Large bags not permitted into the venue can be deposited in the Cloakroom in the SEC Centre (£5 per item). Please note that all bags are subject to security searching.

Can I bring a camera/video camera to the event?

In general audio and video recording equipment and professional cameras (SLR types and those with detachable lenses) are not permitted into events. However, small non-professional cameras and phone cameras may be permitted, unless otherwise specified by the event organiser. For further clarification of this policy for a specific event, please email the venue. Professional photographers should contact the individual event organiser directly for express permission to photograph their event.

Can I bring a ‘Selfie Stick’ into the venue?

‘Selfie Sticks’ are not permitted into the venue. This is a policy that applies to all venues on the SEC.

Flagpoles, Signs & Banners

Only signs/banners/flags under A3 size without poles will be permitted into the venue. This maybe be subject to change at the request of the event organiser.


Anyone with a sign/banner/flag within the venue that is deemed to be causing a nuisance may have the item confiscated and retuned at the end of the event where appropriate.

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