A Healthy Conference Centre

We are proud to be the first venue in the UK to achieve a healthy venue gold status.

Working in partnership with teams across the business and beyond, we aim to offer healthier lifestyle options for your conference delegates– ranging from a choice of nutritious food to encouraging physical activity in and around the venue.

Our commitments

  • Provide healthier food choices
  • Encourage and support organisers to include physical activities into their event agenda such as yoga, fun runs, mindfulness sessions and step challenges
  • Work with our Convention Bureau and partner charities to facilitate health forward legacy activities 
  • Promote active travel to and from our venue
  • Raise awareness of health and wellbeing amongst our staff
  • Provide information for delegates to allow a healthier conference experience. Please see below.


The SEC is conveniently located allowing delegates the opportunity to stay active during their visit to Glasgow.

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OVO Bikes

Why not explore Glasgow by bike? Pick up an Ovo bike from our on campus station.

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Healthier food for your conference

For our conference catering, we are committed to offering delicious, nutritious and sustainable food and drink choices, that will support the health of your delegates, as well as the health of our planet.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring at least 75% of our menu items being healthier
  • Offering a greater range of wholegrain/wholemeal products
  • Including seasonal fruit as our default dessert option in our lunchboxes
  • Providing portions of fruit, vegetables, or salad with all set menus
  • Establishing an awareness programme based around food facts and healthy options

To find out more about how we can support you in providing healthier choices for delegates please get in touch!

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