One Cup is part of Event Cup Solutions, the UK’s only carbon-neutral reusable cup system and a ClimatePartner certified company.

The One Cup System offers a simple 3-step process for customers to experience their event in the most sustainable and hassle-free way! 


We have removed our £1 deposit to make the process of buying a drink and returning your cup more streamlined for everyone and hope you will support us on this new venture.

Thank you for supporting our sustainability journey by leaving your cup at the OVO Hydro.

Is there a deposit scheme?

No, we've moved away from a deposit scheme to streamline the process and improve your experience.

Why have the cup types changed?

We've updated our cup type to enhance speed of service and provide a smoother experience for everyone.

What should I do with my used reusable cup?

We have recycling points throughout the venue specifically for dropping off reusable cups. Do your bit for the environment by using these recycling points and avoid using general waste bins.

Can I take my reusable cup home?

No. We encourage you to support our reusable cup scheme by returning reusable cups at designated points within the venue.

Can I bring my own reusable cup from home?

No. While we appreciate your commitment to sustainability, for hygiene and operational reasons, we ask that you use the cups provided at the event.

Will there be a charge for using the reusable cups?

There is no additional charge for using our reusable cups.

How do you ensure the cleanliness of the reusable cups?

We have strict cleaning protocols in place to ensure that all reusable cups are thoroughly sanitised before reuse.

What happens to the cups after they are returned?

Returned cups are cleaned and prepared for reuse at future events, minimising waste and maximising sustainability.

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