In our new blog series “A wee chat with…” the SEC has quick fire Q&A with an organiser to get an insight into their working life and their event, plus getting their views on Glasgow and the venue. 

QD Events deliver some of Scotland’s biggest live events, including The Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show, where we met with new Managing Director, Greg Cherry, for a wee chat.

What are your first impressions of Glasgow?

The people. The friendliness. It’s great fun – but sometimes hard to understand what people are saying!

How have you found the run up to your first show at QD?

An unbelievable rollercoaster ride fuelled by excitement and run by a great team.

What do you think is key to keeping show content fresh?

Being totally immersed in your market and understanding it's drivers. I also believe having a clear strategy and plan is crucial.

What’s the biggest challenge in running a show like Scottish Caravan, Motorhome and Holiday Home Show?

Making sure content is fresh and exhibitors and visitors are getting an experience that is really valuable for them.

Where would your favourite place to go in a Caravan be? 

I go to a festival in Bruton called Shindig over the May Bank Holiday and stay in a motorhome there! I would love to tour round the Highlands and Islands.

What are you most looking forward to about 2018?

Exploring Scotland some more, creating new products with QD and making the current products even better. I’m also really excited about developing the QD team and giving them the tools, desire and capacity to grow.

What challenges do you think the industry will face in 2018?

Being out of touch with a visitor base that is becoming younger and more demanding. Also, the increasing need for an event to be an experience. People have the ability to choose what works for them. We need our events to tick the boxes so that our visitors get value and something they cannot find elsewhere at them.

What’s the best/funniest thing you’ve seen or heard since moving to Scotland??

I’ve got a tea towel in the office which has some Scottish colloquialisms for English words – which is funny! I’ve made a few cultural faux pas since being here that can’t be printed… needless to say I have kept the QD team entertained.

What inspires you in the events industry?

The fact that we can create an experience that people go and talk about, and most of all, the fact that we have the power to change lives.
What’s the best thing about heading up an organiser company?

The world is our oyster. We have the opportunity to create anything we want and develop each other – all whilst having a huge amount of fun.


To find out more about the QD Events at the SEC view the case study here.

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