In our new blog series “A wee chat with…” the SEC has quick fire Q&A with an organiser to get an insight into their working life and their event, plus getting their views on Glasgow and the venue.  

The SEC recently hosted the 5th Comic Con Scotland and we grabbed ReedPOP Global Business Development Director Gital Tete for a wee chat.

Do you enjoy running an event in Glasgow?

Yes, absolutely. It’s actually my favourite place to run an event!

Why is Glasgow your favourite?

Everyone is so friendly and everyone at the venue is just incredibly helpful

Describe Comic Con in one sentence…

A place that allows you to be whoever you want to be!

How long have you been involved in Comic Con?

This is my first-year anniversary – my first event was here last year!

And how long have you been in the events industry?

8.5 years

Why did you get involved in the events industry?

I was studying international sales and marketing and I secured an internship with Artexis Easyfairs. They wanted to run a gaming show and I’m an avid gamer so, they offered me a job rather than an internship.

How many times have you been to Glasgow to run an event?


What attracted you to Glasgow?

Well the event was coming here anyway, but I love it here. The venue is great!

What is the main thing you consider when choosing a venue?

The location, space and the people

Where’s your favourite place in Glasgow?

Anywhere that sells a good whisky!

What are you up to next after running Comic Con Scotland?

I’m actually going to New York Comic Con and then we’re running London Comic Con.

Describe Glasgow in 2 words…

Friendly and I don’t understand the accent! I know that’s more than 2 words…

What’s the most important element to a successful event?

Having fun! 

To find out more about the Comic Con at the SEC view the case study here

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