01 Feb

The last straw for waste to landfill at The SSE Hydro

The SSE Hydro has held its first fully recyclable event, with no waste to landfill at a sold-out Mogwai concert. The concert, which took place on 16 December, saw the venue provide a 100% recyclable service for the entire evening.

The Glasgow-based rock band selected the Marine Conservation Society as their charity for the concert and had enquired about the waste policy at the venue. The only items which were not compostable were the drinking straws and therefore, in line with the “No Straws” campaign, Mogwai requested that none were served at the event.

Instead, the SEC team sourced fully compostable straws to use, ensuring that everything served at the event was fully recyclable or compostable. This has spurred the campus on to remove all plastic straws from the venue as of February this year.

The Scottish Event Campus, which is home to the Hydro, continuously strives to improve its sustainability practices and has recently attained the Gold Award in line with the Green Business Tourism Scheme.

Nic Shanks from Mogwai’s Rock Action label said: “The band are looking at ways of how they can tour more environmentally responsibly and that includes asking the venues to do the same where they can.

“Plastic straws are just one of the many causes of plastic pollution in our oceans and if all venues could look at what they can do to do better, even small steps can make a big difference. It is great that the SEC recognise this and are so receptive to looking at ways they can do better.”

Mark Laidlaw, Director of Operations at the SEC, said: “This is a great achievement for such a large venue. We are working toward ensuring that the whole campus can operate on a 100% recyclable and compostable basis.

“We are nearly there, and have implemented over 15 initiatives across the campus, from wildlife to food, and are very proud of the time and effort that has been put in by our teams to achieve this.” 

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