11 Nov

SEC joins global events industry commitment to net zero future for events

The Scottish Event Campus has joined the global events industry at COP26 in Glasgow in committing to a united pledge to a net zero carbon future for events.


Representatives of the SEC joined events industry leaders, including venues, organisers, suppliers, and associations, at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow to make a clear commitment to enable change as a community.


So far 109 leading partners from the events industry around the world have taken the pledge, with over 200 having expressed an interest in signing. Before the end of 2023 each signatory will publish their organisation’s pathway to achieve net zero by 2050, including targets in line with the Paris Agreement’s requirement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030.


Furthermore, they will collaborate with partners, suppliers, and customers to drive change not only within the events community, but within connected industries. Signatories will also report on their progress every two years, at a minimum.


The pledge has been developed through a broad industry collaboration hosted by the Joint Meetings Industry Council, with the support of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change with representatives from across the sector.


As the host venue for COP26, which has gathered world leaders to address the most critical issue of our time, the SEC has been involved in its formulation from the outset.


Peter Duthie, Chief Executive of the Scottish Event Campus, said: “The concept of this pledge is that we can do more together, as an industry, than we can do in isolation. By working in partnership, by sharing best practise and by supporting each other we can move forward together.


“While showing the value of face-to-face meetings, COP26 has also been a massive catalyst for change, at both global and local level. It has helped businesses and communities, big and small, understand what we need to do to address climate change.


“There is a change of mood and energy around this issue. We need to enact change and we need to do it now.”


Kathleen Warden Director of Conference Sales at the Scottish Event Campus, spoke at the event in Glasgow and said: “The events community has made significant changes to how we work and operate in recent years, and pledging to a net zero carbon future for events, will motivate us to take responsibility. Net zero events will mean that our industry can continue to drive social and economic progress.


“This pledge is a call to action and the more organisations sign up, the more others will be encouraged to join and build momentum for real change.


“As individuals and as a community we will share knowledge and view events through the lens of sustainability, from procurement to delivery.


“We don’t start this “race to zero” from zero,” Kathleen added. “Great work has been done.  We are on a journey and this pledge is the foundation for significant work ahead.”

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