23 Oct


Deezer, the world’s most personal music streaming service, is enhancing the music experience for concert goers through a partnership with the OVO Hydro Glasgow, providing millions of visitors with even more entertainment before and after a performance. 

The OVO Hydro is the largest purpose-built entertainment venue in Scotland and ranks as a Top 10 global venue. It attracts an audience of more than a million visitors each year. Starting today, visitors can head to the OVO Hydro website to access a large range of artist-focused playlists. The content will also be available through customer emails and social media.

Each Deezer playlist, curated by its editorial team, will host a selection of songs or an album from every musician performing at the OVO Hydro, helping fans get in the mood and build excitement before and after a gig. Fans will also have the chance to discover playlists from global artists that may one day perform at the venue.

Phil Moore, Deezer’s VP of Northern & Southern EMEA commented: “Our partnership with OVO Hydro allows visitors to have a free and unlimited music experience, enjoying artist content at any given moment. The playlists will fuel the anticipation around a performance and allow fans to easily find compilations of their favourite musician.” 

Ross Easton, Head of Commercial at The OVO Hydro said: "We are delighted to bring Deezer on as an official partner for The OVO Hydro. Their specially curated playlists will give fans a new way to experience artists before they see them live on the Hydro stage - they can listen to the newest music, relive the classics and share the pre-gig excitement! This platform will bring an added layer to what it means to attend an event here."

For those wanting to take the music experience further, Deezer has a diverse library of 53 million tracks and access to ‘Flow’, a never-ending soundtrack that provides current favourites mixed in with recommended new and old music tailored to your personal tastes. 

The multi-year Deezer and OVO Hydro Glasgow partnership will begin October 2018. 

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