At the SEC, we understand the importance of taking some time to unwind after a busy exhibition. Just five minutes from us, you can find the UK’s Hippest Neighbourhood* – Finnieston. With over 40 bars and restaurants and a variety of independent shops, there is something for everyone.

Your team, exhibitors and visitors can benefit from private dining, tasting and sampling sessions and some of the best Scottish hospitality on offer.

Our friends at Kained Holdings own a number of renowned establishments in the area and offer discounts and exclusive promotions for organisers.

*As voted for in The Times.

A Wee Chat With...Kained Holdings

Graham Suttle, Managing Director of Kained Holdings, chats about Glasgow, events and the SEC in our wee chat blog series.


What was the first exhibition you ever attended?


It was the Scothot event at the SEC in its first year.


What is the best event you’ve ever been to at the SEC?


It was either Cirque du Soleil or Hacienda Classical – both fantastic and the facilities made the experience easy and enjoyable.


What do you enjoy most about working in Glasgow?


Glasgow’s a real city and the people are open, friendly and interesting. There’s no nonsense - things are called for what they are. That makes the city unbelievably friendly and no matter what your background, you can always find a place in Glasgow to call home.


Describe the SEC in 3 words…


Convenient, premium and unique.


What’s the most unusual event you’ve attended?


Probably Cirque du Soleil…


Are there any exciting developments happening with any Kained Holdings venues in the coming months?


KRU has just launched in Finnieston, The Drugstore brand (top 10 best new bars in Conde Nast Traveller) is back and launching in the West-end in the next few weeks and we are working in conjunction with the new hidden lane brewery to create our own beers. There’s always something cool happening at Kained!


What’s Christmas like at your venues?


It’s a family affair – the team get into spirit before the customers and everyone loves the feeling that the season brings, namely sheltering in a warm bar with great hospitality from the chilly Scottish winter! It’s part of what makes the city so special – the hospitality is what the people working want themselves when they go out – warmth, great service and seasonal cheer!


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