The worldwide fitness phenomenon chooses SEC for its first Scottish event


Founded in 2017 in Germany, HYROX has rapidly developed a large international following for its universally accessible fitness racing concept. Having run successful iterations of the event across the globe, 11 Feb 2023 saw nearly 5,000 fitness fanatics descend on the SEC to try their hand at a purpose built track and test their fitness levels to the limit. Organisers praised the venue for its flexibility, and commended the team for their dedication to fulfilling the needs of the event. 

"This was the first time we’d brought our event to Scotland, and it couldn’t have gone better. The SEC bent over backwards to meet our needs, which are by all accounts pretty unique, and transformed their venue into the world of HYROX. The build is such a huge part of delivering the event, and the flexibility of the venue meant we were able to do everything we wanted to, delivering the full experience to the nearly 5,000 athletes who joined us on the day. From the minute you walked in the door, you entered our world, and that's exactly how we need  it to be.”

Eddie Dier, HYROX UK Brand Manager

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