Well, if I wrote about everything I managed to capture today then I would be writing all night.. so I will keep to the highlights!

The day kicked off with the Monday Morning Wake Up Call, which saw the Congress hear from three speakers - Tina Altieri, Alia al Mansoori, Estanislao Bachrach and Belinda Parmar. Alia, at just 16, sent her own science experiment into space and hopes to be the first woman on Mars.. pretty inspirational stuff to start your Monday!

From there, I headed to the venue trends survey session where the results of ICCAS venues survey were revealed. Some really interesting outcomes, and I'm looking forward to seeing the full report when it comes out!

In the afternoon, the sustainability session provided excellent insight into how we can use city and venue green credentials to promote our destinations and venues. It's great to see so many people are so engaged in making our industry as sustainable as possible!

The final session of the day took a short, but deep dive into the developments of Ahoy Rotterdam, ICC Sydney and ICC New Zealand. The latter pair carrying out huge rennovations of their venues whilst being landlocked. Super interesting stuff, and good to see that people are willing to openly discuss their challenges during these phases.

Tonight I'm heading to the hotly anticipated (although not entirely sure what I'm in for..!) CAT night.

Ps, the picture is "Scottish Event Campus" written in Arabic in the ICCA coffee and networking zone!

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