The Hydro Arena is a state of the art entertainment venue, located on the existing SEC in Glasgow. The venue has a gross capacity of 13,000 and will also host several events at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

  • BREEAM Rating and score: Very Good
  • The key innovative and low-impact design features of the building: The iconic shape and complex design, with large domed roof span capture the innovative engineering and architecture of the building. Low-energy LED lights illuminate the ETFE façade at night, transforming the appearance of the building and bringing it to life. The entrance foyer is naturally ventilated by low level louvres / motorised dampers located above the three main entrance doors (inlet), and high level louvres / motorised dampers running the entire length of the Foyer (outlet). The height difference between the low and high level openings encourages natural ventilation through thermal buoyancy ie. as the warm internal air rises, it escapes through the high level outlet, this in turn draws the cooler outside air in through the low level inlets. The Building Management System (BMS) controls the opening and closing of the motorised dampers dependent upon both the real time internal environment and the external conditions being monitored against the design set-points.
  • Gross Floor Area (m²): 26345m²
  • Total area of site (hectares): 3.3195 hectares
  • Function areas and their size (m²): Sponsors Lounge 2x135m² / Bars; Multi-function Space 2x165m²
  • Area of circulation (m²): 3420m²
  • Area of storage (m²): 570m²
  • % area of grounds to be used by community (where relevant): N/A
  • % area of buildings to be used by community (where relevant): N/A
  • Predicted electricity consumption (kWh/m²): 74.17kWh (building only ie. plant to heat / cool / light / ventilate – updated figures will be provided after a period of monitoring which will include plug-in consumption of computers / TVs etc)
  • Predicted fossil fuel consumption (kWh/m²): 90.57kWh/m² (building only space / DHW heating – updated figures will be provided after a period of monitoring which will include gas consumption serving catering appliances)
  • Predicted renewable energy generation (kWh/m²): N/A
  • Predicted water use (m³/year): 3900m³
  • % predicted water use to be provided by rainwater or greywater: N/A
  • The steps taken during the construction process to reduce environmental impacts: The key innovation related to the Waste Management where over 90% recycling was achieved by adopting a dedicated waste segregation approach on site prior to leaving the OVO Hydro. Lend Lease the Contractor have developed this approach over a number of their sites; which far exceeds the traditional approach to site waste.
  • A list of any social or economically sustainable measures achieved / piloted: Lend Lease (Main Contractor) were created a number of employment and apprenticeship opportunities for the local area for the duration of the construction programme.
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